Welcome to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Webpage

                                 Harrietsham Ferret Rescue is owned by Roy and Christine Wilson. 
        Roy has had ferrets on and off, throughout his life. But Roy and Chris started their ferret rescue,
   over 17 years ago when they offered to house a ferret while it was being found a more permanent home.
  The ferret was a feisty hob. His previous owners kept him in a 2ft hutch. He was hardly ever handled and in 
              poor condition. Roy and Chris worked very hard and the ferret became a pleasure to have.
        Roy and Chris then realised that maybe there were other ferrets that they could help, and started 
                                              taking in lost, dumped, and abused ferrets

            As with most animal rescues, Harrietsham Ferret Rescue receives no government funding. 

                       Roy and Chris give their own money and time, to provide proper housing, food,

                              vet care and lots of love to the ferrets that come into their care.


  Harrietsham Ferret Rescues main aim is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Re-home Ferrets. 
        We take in ferrets from people that can no longer keep them, 
                 people that have found them wandering loose, 
    and from the RSPCA and veterinary surgeries that have had them handed in.
    We will look after all ferrets until they can be found suitable new forever homes. 
      When any ferrets is re-homed, we will vet the new owners, 
      and they will be asked to sign our adoption contract.
       Most pets are bought on impulse, and that is often why they end up in rescues. 
       So to try and help avoid this, using our wealth of experience and information, 
  we are happy to answer all of your questions. 
If you would like to re-home a ferret please contact us and we will give you all the help we can. 
Even if you do not re-home your ferret from us, 
we are more than happy for you to seek help from us.

We also offer a boarding service for your ferrets while you are on Holiday.
       Harrietsham Ferret Rescue also tries to promote ferrets and their welfare through PR Events and Ferret Racing. 
              Harrietsham Ferret Rescue visit a number of major shows all across Kent,
              you can see which shows we will be attending and dates on our show page.
               We will also attend private events. Why not come and see the ferret racing.

       To make an appointment to view any of the ferrets up for adoption
                  Please contact Roy or Chris on 01622851690